How to make juice Mengkudu To maintain health

How to make juice MengkuduTo maintain health

In Indonesia on the island of Java, the fruit of the noni fruit is also often called pace. Noni fruit has a soft flesh of the fruit when it is cooked, and has a pungent aroma. Because the fruit aroma is so less people like it. However real this fruit has many benefits for the health of the body.
Noni fruit from widely used as a medicinal herb that is useful to launch a blood circulation, high blood medications, anti inflammation and many other benefits. Many people are forced to consume this fruit that tastes awful. But there are ways for people prefer fruits. Menkudu fruit turns can be processed into juice, here's how to make the juice of noni.

Two ripe noni fruit
Two glasses are being boiled water
Turmeric peeled bruised
A bruised stalk Lemongrass
Nutmeg flower
Red ginger
Granulated sugar

How To Make A
Noni fruit that's been cleaned up from the skin and the seeds then blender. Strain and was spun off from ampasnya. Boil all spices such as turmeric, Lemongrass, nutmeg flower, red ginger, cinnamon, cardamom. Mix both add granulated sugar. Drink twice a day.

Noni juice recipes both
Two ripe noni fruit
One Apple
Pure honey

How to make it:
Peel pace then seeded. Blender to smooth along with apples. Noni juice pour into a glass and add pure honey to taste. These juices should be drunk one time consumption do not saved

Third: noni juice recipe
Two ripe noni fruit
2 cm galangal
4 cm turmeric
3 grains of clove
4 cm cinnamon
2ltr boiled water

How To Make A
Noni fruit clean cut into 4 parts, then soak half an hour. Take turmeric and galangal and insert white already cleaned into a pan containing 2 liters of boiled water. Enter the pace that was already soaked. Enter also the seeds of the clove and cinnamon, then mix well over low heat. Lift up the stew, and strain serve still warm.

Noni juice above has great benefits for the body, because if consumed regularly it can cure a disease in derita. So how to make the juice of noni for health hopefully what we serve is useful is also beneficial for all.